Friday, April 15, 2016

My Journey: New Roads Traveled

Happy Friday everyone! 

So I thought I would keep you filled in as I continue this crazy and blessed journey I am on called life. 

I have had a YouTube channel for years but never posted anything except for one video a few years ago of Michael and Uncle Mikey singing around a campfire. Well, that is about to change! 

You guys know how cheap...err frugal...I am. My love of finding good deals does not end at the food that my family eats. I am frugal in all areas of my life. I have started taking a little more interest in my makeup, hair, and appearance overall. I have seen some YouTubers post Frugal Friday videos and have decided that is right up my alley! 

My AdoLou Channel, just like this here blog, won't be just about one thing. I'm interested in WAY too many things for that. So I will be posting about my favorite makeup, tips, tricks, workouts and maybe throw in a few mommy secrets here and there. 

I would love for you to join me on this fun new road. So click on over and subscribe! 

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