Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Journey: Back In The Saddle Again

Holy cow! I wrote my 1st "My Journey" post on JULY 28th of last year. 

Man, I was in a good place then! I was working out 6 days a week, feeling better and having more energy in focus in general. 

THEN we bought our dream home. If you have ever bought a home that needed a little bit of work before you moved in while having two small children, you know the stress it causes and how it eats up ALL of your time. 

The first thing to go was my workouts. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. 

That was my "me" time! That was what was helping me have the energy to get all that crazy work done. So I entered a vicious cycle. I was doing so much work that I didn't have time to work out, so I didn't have the energy to move beyond all the work I was doing, repeat. 

So 6 months later, I am committed to taking time for me to workout again so I can have the energy to enjoy life again. 

One of my other goals was to be closer to God. We started this reading program at church called S.O.A.P. (Scripture Observation Application Prayer) that I will be telling ya'll about soon. It has become a time of day that I treasure. So it is definitely time to work on my physical state of being as well. 

I am Beachbody Coach. I'm no superstar by far...we'll call me a "real life" kind of coach. I love working out and helping others with it but fail at times just like anyone else. The reason I became a coach is because of T25. 

T25 rocked my world. It is only 25 minutes a day. It. Kicks. My. Booty. It gave me energy and confidence...not because of how I looked but because of how I was getting stronger and could work harder during the workouts. It is a serious high! (the good kind ;) )

As a Beachbody Coach, I get to host a FitClub every week for FREE (woot woot! ya'll know I love free things!) where we do a Beachbody workout. So Sunday night, after I put my late night ramblings on the screen for you guys to see, I was thinking about what workout we would do for Monday's FitClub. I thought it was time to get back to some T25 since everyone loved it as much as I do. 

Then and there I decided to start the program over again. It is a 10-week program. I counted it out. I can do a full round of T25 and finish it up with time to spare before our first beach vacation! 

So I'm "Back in the Saddle Again" and can't wait to see the days ahead as I grow spiritually and physically. 

This is the smile that comes from giving it your all and feeling amazing about that (and lovin' that you can sweat your booty off in just 25 minutes haha)!

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