Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ryder's Battle with Fevers - Part 15

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Drumroll please....

We have been fever FREE since Ryder's surgery! 

I apologize for the delay in writing this post. 

Gramma went into the hospital right after Ryder started feeling better. Then Gramma passed away. (That's a whole different post.) Then I had a week after the funeral to get caught up and ahead on work...being self-employed rocks, but it also means that you better have your work done ahead of time if you want to go on vacation...and to pack up all four of us for our vacation. Then we were off to see a mouse and an ocean.

We are back now, and I am OVER-THE-MOON to report that Ryder has now officially missed two fevers and went on the first vacation of his life that was fever free!!!

We have had our follow-up appointment and had a perfect report! Everything healed up just as it should! I did ask the doctor about Ryder's behavior. 

He has not been the same since the surgery. I didn't know if it was just a coincidence that his behavior changed right at the time of his surgery or if that was normal. She told me that it was normal. As she put it, "we kinda break your kid." She explained that with him being so small he basically went to sleep and woke up with something "wrong" that he didn't understand. "And in his toddler mind, acting out is how he handles it."

Her suggestion was to start behavior training ALL. OVER. AGAIN. Oh me oh my. So we have started over again. Let me tell ya folks, it is a lot easier to do it when they are younger. This time around there is a ton more resistance, and I feel so ill-equipped. I am learning again how to do "behavior training" because it is different now. He is at a different stage and age now. And it is harder. So much harder. Harder on him. Harder on us. Harder. Period. Ugh.

Anyway, enough of my bellyaching. 

Oh yea...and he got a super cute "big boy" haircut. (It isn't styled here...but he was just so daggone cute playing on the beach, I had to share.)

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