Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mommy Guilt Be Gone - In the Grocery Store!

Dear Reader,

I had an awesome opportunity this month that I wish everyone could have. I did a tour of a grocery store with Registered Dietitian, Kim Galeaz thanks to my friends at Indiana Family of Farmers. And do you know what that did for me? Rid me of my mommy guilt!

It was amazing to walk the aisles with her and find that I wasn't food shamed. She didn't tell us we were horrible people for what we were feeding our families. She provided us with the insight to use what we were already buying and eating in a more balanced diet.

Balance was one of the wonderful themes of the day. Do you have your favorite indulgence? That is FINE! Don't beat yourself up over it! You just don't want to use up all your caloric intake for the day on this indulgence. Remember to balance it with nutrient-rich foods. Look at the good in the food you are eating and make sure it all balances out. You can even use the cool tools at Choose My Plate to guide you.

Interestingly enough, did you know that there isn't ANY regulation for the use of the word "natural" on a products packaging? It is just a word used by very clever marketers! So instead of relying a brilliant marketing department's use of trigger words, look at your nutrition labels.

Seriously. You want to look at your nutrition labels. The nutrition label will tell you what is ACTUALLY in the food you hold in your hand...and you aren't relying on the selling (and scaring) skills of someone else to help you determine how this food should fit in your diet. You can look and see if it is indeed a nutrient-rich food. Some of your favorite foods might surprise you!

Another interesting factoid is that the ingredients are listed in order...meaning that the first ingredient listed is the one that is most prominent in the food and second ingredient listed is second and so on. So when you have whole grains listed first, you know that is the major ingredient in the food.

And another great discussion that was brought up on our tour was "regular" milk vs. organic. Did you know that there isn't ANY nutritional difference between the two?

I was actually really glad to be a part of this particular tour for this specific discussion. I LOVE Ryder's pediatrician, but he and I have butted heads a couple of times over his blind promotion of organic milk. We go through a TON of milk a week and buying organic milk is not feasible for our budget.

Well, Miss Marybeth from Agricultured was with us this day. After Kim gave us a side by side comparison of the milk labels showing us there is no difference nutritionally, Marybeth filled us in on the scientific side of the antibiotic and hormone comparison. (She actually did a post about you can read all about it here. Go ahead, take a gander. I bet you'll be surprised at what she says. I can wait.)

Ryder hasn't quite mastered the milk mustache is more a milk goatee. 

Welcome back! ;) So now you know why I can buy regular milk and not have mommy guilt! This is a VERY good thing considering how much milk we go through each week and that organic milk is twice the cost for half the quantity! (We all know that I love that we live in the country that uses the smallest percentage of our income on food consumed at home and seeing how much bang I can get for my buck!)

I truly wish that everyone had a chance go through a grocery store with Kim. There is so much fear mongering going on in the media and social media today about our food. People are literally making a living scaring our socks off! It is very easy to be overwhelmed and scared by it all. I am SO tired of it! But after meeting Kim, I left feeling empowered. My mommy guilt was gone! I don't have to force my family to eat foods they don't like or be scared of the food we consume. I can use the nutrition labels and great sources like Fruits and Veggies More Matters to put together a nutrient-rich diet that we love to eat! And my kids can grow up loving nutrient-rich foods.

So look at your labels to inform yourself, use valid resources and rid yourself of all that guilt by building a nutrient-rich meal plan each week that you and your family can love!

Note: I'm an IFOF Ambassador for the Affordable Food Tips For Your Family, From Our Family Series. And you can rest assured that the thoughts, opinions and love for all the great knowledge Kim gave me are all my own!
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