Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Message from God...

This past year has been a whirlwind, but the last month or two have just been insane. Between work events that I have either been planning and coordinating or attending out of town, Ryder getting sick two times (in one month, four times since the end of February :( ), Ryder's first birthday party, our vacation and having three yards to mow, etc. etc....it has been kinda busy round here.

So the last of all the madness was our vacation. We had been gone for almost a week and a half, so the yards were calling for some attention. My goal for the afternoon was to get yards 2 and 3 mowed and rush home to a sick baby.

First obstacle, I forgot the gas can for the mower. There was gas in the mower, but I always like to fill it up before I leave for the next time. So I hunted down my Uncle Donnie and borrowed his. (He is one awesome Uncle...so much so that I was claiming him as an Uncle LONG before he was married to my Aunt Suzie. :) ) His gas can was full, so I was off to yard 2 pretty quick.;

I get there and at first think it doesn't look that bad, but it was crazy thick and taller than it looked, so it is slow going.

I always divide that yard into four sections to mow. Two large and two small. I get done with the first large section and move on to the second...and my Zune dies. So I take it in to charge. As I am walking in, I see the gas can. It is in the shade, but swelled up. So I release the pressure and go on in.

I had a couple of phone calls to make, so I went ahead and did that. Then I thought I should check the oil on the mower and added just a tiny bit. As I came outside after returning the oil, I noticed the gas can was swelled up again. I thought that was strange since it hadn't been that long since I released the pressure, but did it again and went back to mowing.

About 15-20 minutes later the mower starts acting funny and then dies. Hmmm...it has never acted that exact way before. So I try to start it again. It turns over and eventually starts, but dies shortly thereafter.

My first thought was in my Dad's voice, "It is just as bad to put too much oil in as it is to have too little,"....crap! But I only put in a tiny little bit! It was just a little low...how in the world did that tinnie tiny amount screw up my mower?! Ugh! We CANNOT afford to fix this mower right now! We have medical bills coming out of our ears, so a bill for fixing the mower just isn't feasible right now! And I definitely do not have the time to deal with this...at all!

So I cry out to God and beg him to show me what to do and help me. I am overwhelmed and exhausted and need his help. I don't expect an immediate reply, so I decide to get out of the sun and go into the house. Maybe it is like a computer and just needs a few minutes to get over it's hissy fit.

Off across the yard I go to the house. As I go in to do a few things that need done inside, I notice that the gas can is swelled up AGAIN, so I let the pressure out and go inside. After a little bit of beating myself up for obviously killing my mower with that extra oil I added and a few chores, I decide to go out and give a try one more time before moving on to yard 3 and admitting to Michael that I just cost us who knows how much money because I am an idiot.

As I walk out the door, I notice the gas can is swelled up again. So I release the pressure and shake my head. I know it is hot outside, but this is getting kinda ridiculous.

I try the mower again and it is even less cooperative. Elbows on the steering wheel and head in my heads, I pray to God again to just tell me what to do...to open my eyes to what I need to do...to just please help! So I get up and decide to move on to yard 3. I was waisting too much time.

I got off the mower, walked a few steps while berating myself again about adding oil and it hit me...the GAS TANK!

I opened it up...yep! Bone dry!

I added gas and she started right up! We went on our merry way and finished up.

I am sure God had quite a chuckle as he tried and tried and TRIED to get my attention with the swelling gas can...and much like in the rest of my life, I was absolutely, completely and utterly oblivious to the obvious signs he was putting in my path. Thankfully he forced my eyes open before I had someone come look at it and REALLY made myself look like a fool! And praise God that it was only that the tank was empty and not something more!

Makes me wonder what other signs he is putting in my path for the rest of my life that I am totally missing. Hmmm...

At least he gave me these two to help me out along the way :)

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