Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Buying Meat On A Budget

Michael and I frequently have conversations regarding the fact that God takes care of us in all ways, including financially. One of these conversations happened two nights ago. We were marveling at how the money for Christmas has just fallen into our laps through different opportunities becoming available at the perfect time.

One of the hardest things to do when living on a budget that is stretched is buying meat. We don't buy meat based on the recipes I have planned for the week. We buy meat based on the Manager's Special stickers at our local grocery store and find a recipe. We have come across some pretty awesome deals throughout the years and are very thankful for these blessings.

You can do this too! It's simple...make frequent quick trips to your local grocer (preferably when you are already passing by for another reason...Michael stops by on his way home almost daily) and keep an eye out for those orange (or whatever color your grocer uses) sticker! Easy as that!

Yesterday we received an AMAZING blessing!

Michael made one of his daily runs to the store...this time to pick up ingredients for some Thanksgiving recipes I needed to whip up...and made his usual stop by the meat display. He saw a man standing by the case with a price gun printing up Manager Special stickers and started up a conversation with him.

This is where we struck GOLD!

There was a TON of chicken that had to be sold by the following day, but the store was closing early the next day. He asked Michael what all he would take if he could get a good price on it. My Michael, ever looking for the best bargain he can get, asked how cheap the packs would be.

The guy with the price gun said some packs as low as a dollar!

Michael told him he would buy it all if it was a dollar. The guy took him literally.

As the guy started marking every pack of chicken in the case down to $1.00, a crowd started to develop. There were some complaints from others that Michael was getting all of the packs handed straight to him, but a deal was a deal and the guy honored it. And as soon as he was done, Michael kept his head down and went straight to check out.

When Michael was finishing up loading the trunk, a guy he knows runs out with meat in his arms and says to Michael, "He's doing the pork now!" So, Michael ran back in, but all that was left was three full racks of ribs. And they were marked down to $2-$3! He was so excited and bought all three packs!

So that was how God blessed us with $180 worth of meat for $28! Here is the breakdown of what we got:

8 - 2 lb packs of boneless skinless packs
6 - packs of 14 full wings
4 - packs of 12 drumsticks
2 - packs of 8 thighs
3 - racks of ribs

That is at least 43 meals...coming out to $.65 per meal for BOTH of us for the meat portion! Guess what we are eating at our house for the next few months! ;)

I am so incredibly thankful for this blessing...reminds me of an old favorite..."Praise God from whom all blessings flow!"

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