Thursday, September 20, 2012

Trust, Patience and Not My Timing

So God likes to teach us things...sometimes we learn the first time around, sometimes it takes getting beat over the head with it to get it through our thick skulls. Unfortunately, I am usually in the latter group. (The majority of my early to mid twenties are proof of that.)

One of the lessons I have had to learn and am still working on learning is timing. Specifically, God's timing. 

I heard a DJ on K-Love say something that has brought this lesson back to the front of my mind. He made a comment about how things are never "in the nick of time" or "last minute" but that it is in God's time...and God's timing is always perfect. was one of those moments where I knew that God was giving me a message. He was reminding me that his time is perfect even when I don't like it. 

You see...from my most recent post, you all know that Michael and I both owned our own homes prior to knowing each other and decided to live in Michael's home, remodel my house and sell it. As everyone knows, the housing market is not a seller's market. 

We tried selling it on our own and showed it to many people who loved it only to find out that they couldn't get financing. So we made the decision in January to list it with a realtor so that we could be on the MLS listing and get our house on the market to a larger audience. About 4 months into our 6 month contract we find out that the lady we were listed with wasn't on the MLS and neither was our house. Ryder was about to be born and our contract was almost up, so we just let it go and listed with someone else as soon as the contract was up.   

This brings us up to when I was on maternity leave. That is a maternity leave without pay. Twelve weeks without pay. Just because the pay stopped doesn't mean the bills did. It was tough saving up for this, but God provided.

Then the house was shown, a formal offer was made and we accepted with a few minor clarifications. We thought our prayers have been answered the way we wanted them to be! Then we find out that the buyers could not get financing.

The house has been shown a couple more times to no avail. And now it has been robbed by use of the very key that is supposed to help us sell the house.

This is hard for me to understand honestly. From a purely worldly view, I want to throw up my hands and scream at the universe asking why things can't just go right for us with this house?! Why is it that there has been a lot of interest, but no one can actually get financing?!? Why would someone rob us?!? It is an emotional roller coaster.

Then I remember that I have a savior that saved my SOUL from eternal damnation. If He has THAT covered, then I think He knows what He is doing with the sale of my home. If it was God's will for my house to be sold right now, it would be.


God has a reason for my house not being sold yet. I just don't know what that reason is. And I don't have to know. I just have to trust in the truth that God knows what He is doing and that according Romans 8:28 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." (Emphasis mine.)

I mentioned my early twenties...let's just say that I didn't want to wait on God's time. I wanted to find someone and get married and have my family on MY time. This resulted in a string of bad relationships and ultimately in a bad marriage that ended in divorce.

When I finally gave up and decided it was in God's hands and not my own, God gave me Michael. You would think that THAT would teach me to trust God's timing.

And it has.

That lesson is just being tested again. I know that God is in control and that He has a plan for my life that is bigger than my own. Not only is it bigger, but it is better than anything I could ever dream up. So, even if it isn't patiently, I will wait. I will wait with the assurance that God knows what He is doing and what is best for me and my family. I will trust His timing and His love.

I'll leave you with this...I found this verse FOUR times in Psalms. I think it is worth memorizing and sharing...

Psalm 107:1 "Give thanks to the lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.

Psalm 118:1 "Give thanks to the lord, for he is good; his love endures forever."

Psalm 118:29 "Give thanks to the lord, for he is good; his love endures forever."

Psalm 136:1 "Give thanks to the lord, for he is good. His love endures forever."

I WILL give thanks to the lord, for He is good. And I know that His love endures forever.

Monday, September 17, 2012


Michael and I both owned homes when we met. We obviously do not need two homes, so we completely remolded my house and put it up for sale.

We still go down there...this country girl likes to take advantage of her country home for as long as she, the yard is HUGE

So we are down there even more in the summer. That pretty short grass doesn't stay that way long. (I swear mine was the only yard that needed mowed constantly during the drought this summer!)

We did a lot of work to my house...pouring ourselves, our time and our money into it. I am quite proud of the end product...and one of my favorite rooms is the living room. Wouldn't you want to live here if you were shown this house?

We were down at the house last week as usual and everything looked just as you see in the above picture. Then we come down again on later in the week. This is what my pretty living room looked like.

I couldn't believe it.

I was furious.

But it was about more than just the furniture and other things they took.

Someone had come into my home...MY HOME. The place that is supposed to be my safe place...the place that is so very personal. Not only were they there without my knowledge or permission, but I can imagine them standing there deciding what to take...they had to have put some thought into it because it was the most random items that they took and they left other things...they even dumped my hamper and took it.

Almost like they were "shopping" for exactly what they needed.

It just makes you feel completely violated and vulnerable.

I am just so very grateful that we were not there with Ryder when they tried to break in. I am also grateful that they did not actually break anything to get appears that they used the lock box that the realtor had on the door (which no longer has a key in it btw). The doors and windows were locked and nothing was broken.

So I will yet again think of the sign in the kitchen...Remember the day's blessings...forget the day's troubles.

I think he brightens up the room again...don't you?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Life Keeps Rolling On

We've had a lot of things going on around here. On August 13th, little Ryder decided to roll over for the first time (while Memaw was watching and Mommy had JUST left to grab something out of the other room). Even though Mommy missed the first time, I have seen countless rolls since and love every one of them.

Yes, that IS Gilmore Girls in the background...we love our Gilmore Girls around here. And please don't mind all the junk in the background...we have been living on the floor playing and such. :)

Then on August 30th Ryder found his tongue and started sticking it out at me. I have yet to catch a picture of it, but it is adorable!

We have also started sitting up in our Bumbo. Ryder likes to be upright most of his waking moments now, so we love our Bumbo...especially at story time. He loves to sit in it and watch me and his book while I read it to him.

We also helped Memaw and Papaw celebrate their 37th Wedding Anniversary last weekend. 

Then there was the great weekened we had with Aunt Cris, Uncle Mikey and Cousin Addie. Ryder and Daddy had their first trip to Uncle Mikey's hometown for Old Fashion Days...and I enjoyed spending time with my little man and his "medium" cousin. You see, little Miss Add has been a "little" cousin all her life. With Ryder's arrival, she became a big cousin. Until this weekend when she informed me that she was not a big cousin. She was a medium cousin. I asked her why she said that and she said that her cousin Taylor (who we ran into right before this conversation was had) was a big cousin, she was a medium cousin and Ryder was a little cousin. "Pick your battles" is a good thing to remember when dealing with our little debater...she is medium cousin it is!

And on September 5th (Memaw & Papaw's actual anniversary) Ryder REALLY giggled for the first time! I now have a new favorite sound...sigh.

I had mentioned our new bedtime routine and Ryder starting to sleep in his crib. Well, baby boy has REALLY surprised us the last two nights. He has been in bed by 10:00 and slept through until 7:00!!! After he has been fed at 7:00, he has went back to bed and slept until about 9:45! How awesome is that?!

The first night I woke up at 6:30, looked at the monitor and he was so still, so I went flying into his room to make sure he was breathing. He was, which meant I could start breathing again.

The only problem with this? I go back to work Monday and we need to leave the house before 7:00. So, we have decided to try and roll his bedtime up an hour so that he will be able to get the same amount of sleep, but will be up around 6:00 for his feeding. Fingers crossed! (Love that wild hair in the morning!)

Speaking of...I go back to work Monday. I'm not looking forward to it. I know some Mom's do, but I'm not one of them. We have found a wonderful lady to watch Ryder, and I am perfectly confident that he will be well taken care of. I am going to miss him incredibly though. Thankfully, he will only be about 7 minutes away from where I work, so I will be able to go see him on my lunch on some days...and most likely everyday that first week! She has told me that I can come over as much as I need to. Can't beat that!

So for the next two days, I am cherishing every waking moment with Ryder. Every smile, giggle, roll, kick, cuddle, feeding time...all of it is being stored up in my heart.

I know that people make fun of people who say this...but it is true, so I will say it. I am so incredibly blessed. God has trusted me with a wonderful husband and son...and I am more grateful than words can say.

Magical Soap

Dear Reader,

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(Gratuitous Baby Picture for your pleasure! Look at those cheeks...I could just kiss them all day!)

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