Friday, March 9, 2012

Storms and Flat Tires and Run-Away Recycling...Oh my!

Last Friday was a day that will be remembered for years and years to come across Southern Indiana for the horrific storm that ripped across our beautiful state. My family and I were VERY fortunate in that the very storm that caused so much destruction went directly over our homes but had yet to touch the ground.

But...Friday afternoon as I sat in the conference room at work (our somewhat safe room) watching the weather reports on TV, I did not know what had happened at my house (that I am trying to get sold before Nugget makes his appearance!). All I knew was that the black part of the storm that was showing up on the radar was going directly over where my parents' house, uncle's house, cousins' houses, Gramma's house and my house all sit. SO, as soon as it was all clear and before the next line of storms came through, I rushed down to my house. I was SOOOOOOOO very happy to see that me, my family and my neighbors had come through relatively unscathed. It was a miracle...and I was grateful.

So I go up to Mom and Dad's to ride out the smaller second line of storms and hang out with them for a bit. Then I headed home. 

There wasn't much debris in the road...just small sticks and such, so I wasn't too worried about my car. I hit the highway and it is all clear. I am talking to Michael about the evening ahead and such as I'm driving home...and that's when I hear it. 

Me: I think a small limb just blew under my car and got stuck.
Michael: What? Why do you say that?
Me: There is this thththththth sound coming under the car. gets really loud if I try to accelerate even a little. 
Michael: Well pull over.
(Keep in mind, I am on an EXTREMELY curvy two lane highway with no shoulder...great advice dear :) haha)
Michael: What?!
Me: I KNOW that sound! (As it gets louder and LOUDER in my car) I BLEW A STINKIN' TIRE!!!! 
Michael: Uh oh.

I pull off the road at the end of a family friend's driveway. Yep, my memory served me correctly on what a flat sounded like. The tire seriously went from aired up to flatter than flat in a matter of 200 yards or less. I was imagining a big piece of tread beating up my fender, but God was merciful yet again that day and no tread had pulled away from the tire and the body of my car was safe. 

So I pull even farther off the road into their driveway, tell Michael that I'm calling Dad (Dad was 10 minutes away and Michael was 20 minutes away...and I'm an impatient, pregnant, Daddy's Dad was the lucky one to get the call...AND just for my bragging purposes...I normally would change, and have changed my own flat in the past, but the whole pregnancy thing takes the whole "My Daddy taught me how to take care of myself!" pride thing away sometimes). So I call Mom and Dad's house. Mom answers. I explain what happened and where I am. She puts Dad on the phone...

Dad: Do you have a spare?
Me: I think so. I have honestly never used it on this car. Let me check.
Dad: Is it holding air?
Me: Lemme check.

And that is when the REAL fun begins! I am digging in the trunk of my car which just so happened to be FULL of the recycling I was supposed to have taken to the recycling place earlier in the week, but hadn't gotten it there yet. (My sister teases me that my car is our recycling bin.) I sit out the two bags of plastic recyclables and proceed to try to pry up the bottom of my trunk...which is under all the cardboard recyclables...while my hair is being whipped about my face by the crazy wind and I'm freezing because following the storms is a major drop in temperature.

Dad: Well?
Me: I'm trying.

etc, etc...

Do you see where this is going? I didn't. Not until I hear chchchchchch of the bags of plastic recyclables rolling away QUICKLY. At first, I just see the one bag RACING across the yard...keep in mind Dad is still on the phone asking me if my spare was good or not and telling me that it didn't really matter anyway because there wouldn't be a place open that he could get me a tire to drive on anyway, yada yada. 

And I go six month pregnant bootie is sprinting across the huge, sopping wet yard in flip flops. I guarantee you that it would win at least SOME money, if not top prize, on AFV if someone had caught it on tape. During my 50 yard dash Dad figures out something was up and asks what in the world I was doing. My reply was something like "Huff Huff Huff Recyclables....huff huff huff across yard...huff huff chasing." To which my Dad's reply was "What???? What are you even saying?! I can't understand you!" 

I can't say that my next attempt at a reply was much better because THAT is the moment I saw it...about another 100 yards the exact OPPOSITE direction that I had just ran is the OTHER bag of again, you have a six month pregnant woman in flip flips with now muddy and soaked feet sprinting across a yard, this time with a big ol' bag of recyclables in one hand. It was embarrassing...I seriously felt like I was in an I Love Lucy episode. I'm sure any of the dozens of motorists that saw this had a good laugh.

Needless to say, my Dad never did get quite a full answer. But when he got the jist of what I was trying to say, I got a good scolding for chasing down the recyclables. 

So Dad and I hang up and they are on way. I have a fun reunion with our family friends who I haven't seen in YEARS as I wait for mom and dad. Then they arrive.

Dad: What happened?
Me: My tire went flat.
Dad: Did you hit something?
Me: Not that I know of. 
Dad: Then why did it go flat?
Me: I've always hated that tire!
Dad: Well that didn't make it go flat!
Me: No...but it has always been a troublemaker.

And even after going to get two new tires on the front of my car the following day, we still have NO idea why it went holes or gashes to be seen. Weird. I am sticking with my troublemaker theory.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Growing Baby Bump...

20 weeks and 5 days

22 Weeks

23 Weeks and 5 days

24 Weeks

And I hit 25 weeks tomorrow!!! Happy Wednesday everyone! :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Itchy McGee Update

Dear Readers,
First, I would like to say THANK YOU for all your tips! I greatly appreciate them for this go-round and if I should ever need them in the future!

Now on to the story...

After my last post on the dreaded Itchy Pants, I tried washing them inside out, drying them and using more fabric softener than usual. I put them back on, sat down and proceeded to scratch my legs off until I got the blasted jeans off again. 

Sigh...oh the sadness. Wasted money is something that I have a BIG ol' problem with...and spending money on a pair of jeans that I wear (miserably!) for one week, and then no more, counts as wasted money for me. Booo! 

Then wonderful, amazing, everyone-should-have-one-just-like-her-because-she-is-the-BEST-momma-ever Momma came to my rescue. She told me to let her take them while I went on our trip (more on that later) so that she could see what she could do. 

SO...after I had washed the Itchy Jeans 8 or 9 times, Momma takes them and does the following (she's a genius by the way):

  • She runs them through just the wash cycle inside out on the small load setting with 1/4 cup of bleach and checks the water each time with a clear glass to see if the water is still tinted blue. 
  • After JUST the wash cycle, just takes them out and scrubs them down inside and out with a bar of Ivory soap.
  • Repeat again and again...with a rinsing every few washes...until the water check with the glass shows there isn't anymore dye bleeding out of the pants. 
  • NEXT she ran the pants through rinses with Downy in the water (They smell FABULOUS by the way! :) haha)
  • Then she dried them in the dryer and returned them to me to see if it had worked.
All in all, I believe she washed them somewhere around 9-10 times. So these jeans have been washed a total of close to TWENTY times! Craziness! 

I take them home and try them on. I don't itch. BUT I am not fooled so easily by these deceitful little pants...I do a trial run at the house. I sit, I stand, I clean up the kitchen...everything seems okay. So, I'm ready to do the REAL test...a day at the office!

I went a WHOLE day in the Formerly-Known-As-Itchy-Jeans and didn't want to scratch my skin off! Yay! Now there were a few scratches from time to time...which I was completely paranoid about and ready for the intense itching to start, but it didn't! I am SOOOO excited to add these in to my maternity wardrobe rotation! 

So again, thank you to everyone for their advice and a BIG OL' THANK YOU to Momma for putting in so much time and effort and using her years of knowledge to save me from having to throw away my new maternity jeans!!!! 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Only THREE Days Left!!!

You are invited to my first baby shower...and it is easy peasy for everyone to attend because it is online! Those amazing gals called The Real Farmwives of America & Friends have thrown me a virtual baby shower...complete with advice and GIFTS! I received this awesome Citrus Lane Fresh Start Baby Box...AND you can enter to win one too!

Here is a the card that was in the box that describes some of the contents.

I am SOOO excited to try out these products with Nugget and am already LOVING the presents to me that were included in the box! So head on over to my Baby Shower and get in on your chance to win the Citrus Lane Baby Fresh Start Box!!
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