Thursday, February 9, 2012

Itchy McGee Here...

Dear Reader,

As our pregnancy has progressed, my frugile (somewhat tightwad'ish) self has stayed in my normal jeans. You know...the ones with buttons and zippers...aka uncomfortable city!

This past weekend I finally broke down and bought a pair of maternity jeans. I tried them on and was in love...and even better still, they were on SALE! (Not a FABULOUS, look at this great deal sale...but still not full price.) YAY me! Right????

Well, the label said that due to the indigo dye, the jeans needed to be washed 3-4 times prior to wear or the dye could rub off on light colored clothing or upholstery. So like a good little girl, I washed them 3 times prior to wearing them.

Sunday morning they are ready to wear to church. They are MUCH more comfortable than normal pants and look pretty good. I'm a happy girl.

We are about 5 minutes into our drive to church when it starts...I'm ITCHING! Not just a little bit, but like I have just been covered by itching powder from my knees to the top of my ribs! What in the world?!

(Now, to be fair, I have a history of sensitive is what it is, but normally if I stay away from wool, rabbits hair and the like, I am okay. These pants are made of cotton and spandex. I've never had a problem with spandex...I'm an 80's child, you know we all wore it at one time or another. And Me and Cotton have a GREAT relationship. Why is it turning on me now!?)

I think to myself that it is just because I missed the ONE extra magical wash...I should have done 4 instead of 3. Silly me. So after church I went home with my little illusion that the one extra wash will do the trick, and I will have nice, comfy, non-itchy pants to wear to work come Monday..YAY! Right.

I put them on for work and all seems well. (Yes, I am very fortunate that I work in a place that allows jeans...and it is awesome!) I sit down in my car to drive to work. The itching doesn't start at 5 minutes...woohoo! I was right! It WAS the magical 4th washing that did the trick!

THEN about 10 minutes into my drive it starts. I is going to be a LONG MONDAY! Ugh.

I spend a MISERABLE day at work praying for the quick filling of my bladder, so that I would have a legitimate excuse to go to the bathroom where I could scratch my legs like a maniac where no one can see me. Pretty picture huh. :)

So I go home and wash them yet AGAIN Monday night, hang to dry and wear Tuesday. It was the same old story. I put them on, they feel a teeny bit better at first, but then torture me the rest of the day.

So I go home and wash them for the SIXTH time Tuesday night, but give my legs a break on Wednesday...a girl can only take so much itching.

I'm hopeful (stupidly it seems!) that Thursday will be the day that I can wear my new jeans without wanting to have extreme claws to scratch my legs off. Wrong again! *Sniff* I can't take the itching! (My finger tips are literally being dyed blue from scratching so much!)

If ANYONE has a tip for making these wonderful, fits-me-well, look really nice, expensive (for me anyway), horribly itchy jeans NOT itchy...PLEASE share! I am desperate. I don't think repeated washing is going to cut it! And I hate to think that I wasted that money! Ugh!

Itchy McGee
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