Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: A Little Bit of Mischief






In the last picture, I MAY or MAY not have just put water on his face ;)

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Thorns & Thanks

Dad and I were riding horses and mushroom hunting yesterday (more on that soon) and we rode a trail that I have rode time and time before. I don’t know HOW in the world I missed it before, but I cannot remember EVER seeing this certain tree before and I KNOW I would have remembered it. It was a vicious looking tree. I tried and tried to find a picture of one online and didn’t find anything that came even close. It was only about 10 inches in diameter and would have been a normal looking tree if there hadn’t been thick, long, VERY pointed thorns coming off of it in every direction. This tree was incredibly scary. (I know this sounds weird to say about a tree, but there was just something about it that disturbed me to the core.) I didn’t want to ride within 10 feet of the thing and chance even getting grazed by one of those things.

It got me thinking about Christ and his crown of thorns. I think his crown was more like the horrible tree that I saw yesterday than the one pictured below (although willingly accepting either on behalf all mankind is beyond my comprehension of pain).


Christ sacrificed it ALL for us. He left nothing on the table. He did it because He loves us. I have NO idea why He love us so, but He does. For that, I am SO very grateful. Without my Savior, I am nothing.

This Good Friday, I’ll leave you with my favorite song. I hope you all have a blessed Good Friday and Easter. I pray we all remember to thank our Father above and His Son for the amazing love showered on us and sacrifice made on our behalf daily. I am in awe of our God.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shopping Day with Momma

I am blessed in many ways. One of the biggest blessings of my life is my parents. They have loved me, supported me and been there for me through every crazy turn in my life. As an adult, I count them as two of my closest friends. I LOVE spending time with them.

Saturday was a special day for me. Momma and I went shopping for the wedding. This was a LONG day that I am so glad I spent with her. We left at 8:30 in the morning and didn’t return until almost 11:00 that night to Michael’s to drop off the goods. All that work definitely paid off! We now have 99% of everything needed for the wedding!!!

All 1102

The majority of our day was spent at Flower Factory.

All 1099

It is a WONDERFUL place full of gorgeous decorations, vases, jewelry, flip flops, ribbon, party supplies…and oh yea…flowers. :) Honestly, I have been to Flower Factory a couple of times, but have never even seen the flowers! We literally spent HOURS in there going over every detail, planning every aspect of the decorations.

For my sister’s wedding (this was before we had ever heard of Flower Factory), we bought a TON of things at the Garden Ridge in Louisville. They had EVERYTHING. Well, we didn’t have the option of going to the one in Louisville this time because of Thunder. If you have never heard of Thunder Over Louisville, it is BIG. This is part of the reason we decided to go to Indy. The traffic in Louisville would have been unbearable. But we thought we were in luck! There is a Garden Ridge in Indy too! So we purchased everything we had at Flower Factory and headed over to Garden Ridge to finish up. BIG MISTAKE! It took about an hour and a half of our time…and we both consider that time COMPLETELY wasted. :( Let’s just say all Garden Ridge stores are not equal. This one had NOTHING. We were totally disappointed.

All 1097

So back to Flower Factory we went. This is Flower Factory: Take 2!

All 1100

We spent another 2-3 hours in there and found even more than we did the first time. AND from our ill-fated trip to Garden Ridge, we discovered that the vases we had been looking at were a STEAL! At Garden Ridge (and we later found them at JoAnn’s Fabric) they were $9.99 or more. At Flower Factory…$2.99!!! Yay!

Once we found all that we needed and were COMPLETELY exhausted, we still had to make a stop to see a certain someone. :)

All 1105

I swear Miss Add can brighten the longest of days!

All 1103

Oh yea…this guy was there too. ;)

All 1104

We ate a quick supper with them and then headed south. All in all, it was a wonderful day!

We came out like bandits!

All 1106All 1110  All 1107 All 1108 All 1109

And I MIGHT have gotten a few things for me along the way…it was a long day, I earned it…just sayin’ ;)

All 1111

Jeans: $3.50 (Thank you Goodwill for half off color tags!)
Sandals: $4.95! (Thank you Flower Factory!)

All 1114 

Frame: $2.97 (Clearance at JoAnn’s! I HAD to have this!)

All 1112

Flops: $2.50 (Have I mentioned how I love Flower Factory???)

All 1113

And I was SOOO glad at the end of the day to see this guy :)

All 1115

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Five: Five Things I Miss Having The Time For (and can’t wait to have back! Whenever THAT may be!)

1. Michael
He has been WONDERFUL! He is loving, supportive, encouraging, amazing…holds me up when I am about to break. He is by my side whenever I need him. Problem being…we haven’t have much time for US. Sure we are together all the time. But we are always focused on something…some project, some list, some task. Lately we haven’t had time to just relax and have fun being us. I am SOOO looking forward to our honeymoon and getting to just be US for a whole week!

2. Sleep
There is WAY too much being juggled to have time for sleep. I am NOT a person that can get by long term on 4-6 hours of sleep. I know some people just don’t need it. I, however, am not blessed in that way. I end up being an emotional basket case…and let’s just say I am NOT a pretty crier people. It gets ugly and messy…not something you want to see.

3. Exercise
Oh my goodness how I miss exercising! I know I sound crazy, but I really do miss it…A TON! Not only do I miss it for the way I look when I actually can exercise…I miss the exhilaration of a good run…the wonderful feeling of exhaustion when you KNOW you have just laid it all out on your run or at the end of the Zumba class. The comfort of knowing my elliptical is always there whenever I can’t go out. And of course, my skinny jeans fitting once again.

4. Reading
I LOVE to read. I could sit down with a great book the morning of a rainy day and be QUITE happy reading it cover to cover in one day. I love reading the Bible and finding things that I have never noticed, realized or maybe even read before. I have loved reading for as long as I can remember and miss it greatly!

5.  Free Time
Time to do whatever, whenever or nothing at all! A friend of mine needed me to highlight her hair this week. We literally could not even find the time…which is only20-45 minutes…that I could meet up with her before tomorrow. That’s sad. I miss my friends…miss having time for them. SO, free time to have lunches, phone calls & visits with my girls is definitely something that I am looking forward to!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Salute to Working Moms

I have not been blessed with being a mom yet. Practically ALL my friends and co-workers are mommies though. I am very fortunate to work at a company that is extremely family friendly. It gives the parents here the flexibility to be the good employees they want and need to be AND the good parents they want and need to be.

Case in point…Brooke. She is amazing - smart, great leadership skills, organized and did I mention smart? She is one of the main ‘go to’ people at my work and can handle any situation brought her way.

Brooke is also the mommy of two beautiful boys. One day last week she had to come in late so that she could take her boys to the doctor. Turns out they both had double ear infections…ugh! She needed to get a few things done here at work though. So the family oriented culture of my wonderful company was exactly what she needed. Her oldest, Denzil (3 years old) stayed home with his daddy, but baby Jack came in with his mommy. Jack couldn’t get by without us all oohing and aaahhhing over him…and being passed around to a few of us. But then we let Brooke get to work.

I had a question for Brooke, and when I went into her office, I couldn’t resist asking her if I could take a few pictures. She has this working mom thing down to a T…it was heartwarming to see. Baby Jack was happy at his momma’s side and she was getting business done. Pure art!

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 031

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 029

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 030

 Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 033

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 034

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 035

So to Brooke and all the other working moms out there…you have my respect and adoration…I am in awe of how you do it all. If I had pictures of all of you making it ALL happen, I would happily display everyone of them on here. To ALL mommies: You are amazing! Don’t ever forget it…even for a second! 

I know this is really early, but…I want to wish each and every mom a very Happy Mother’s Day! :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: No Faces Here







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Btw, head on over to Real Farmwives of America and help Heather from 3 kids and lots of pigs choose the Gooseberry Patch cookbook she will be using to prepare ten meals from THEN she gets to give a copy of the cookbook away! More to come on this fun project soon…as I am now a part of it!!!! YAY!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Date with Dad and the Backhoe

We’ve been making some MAJOR changes at my house to get it read to sell. Mom and Dad have been a HUGE help (aka doing TONS of the work that I don’t know how to do). This particular evening we needed to get rid of the old barn and work on creating the back yard.

The old barn…ahh the old barn…we’ve had a love hate relationship. I LOVE old buildings. The old barn however was not safe. I loved the old wood and seeing the craftsmanship that went into the building of it. I hated the fact that it was falling down and beyond repair. It was so incredibly unsafe. So, it had to go.

Dad brought over his backhoe and we got to work. First, we had to push it down.

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 001

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 003

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 010

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 011

Then I had to call the sheriff’s department and inform them we would be doing a controlled burn and get it ready to be lit.

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 013

Then came the part that scared me…Dad lighting it and being too near the flames for my taste!

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 014

Then Daddy used the backhoe to keep the fire where we wanted it and safe.

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 016

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 015

The barn was taken care of without a hitch (safety hazard removed! YAY!) and we moved on to making the back yard.

See I have a berm home. It is built into a hillside and had woods behind it. I LOVE the view from up on the hill, so we set about putting the finishing touches on the land to make it a suitable back yard.

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 021

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 017

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 018

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 019

There were some BIG rocks and roots that needed removed so that a lawn mower could easily navigate the back yard.

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 020

Dad is AMAZING with the backhoe! He maneuvers the levers and peddles with ease. He had worked in road construction years ago and mastered working all the complex movements of this machine. Mom and dad now have their own backhoe and Dad uses it still today in their construction business. I didn’t have much to do, so I climbed on board and saw the action from up close…truth be told, I have always been and will always be a Daddy’s girl (and Mommy’s girl…I have AWESOME parents!), so spending time with Dad is one of my favorite things…even if it is while doing work! Being on the backhoe with me reminded me of my childhood and all the times that I rode on the tractor with him. I heart my daddy.

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 023

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 022 

Eventually he had some work for me to do and kicked me out of my nostalgic spot in the backhoe. But I still had to take a few more pictures in between picking up rocks and roots…I couldn’t resist. :)

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 024

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 027

All this hard work is for the next owner of my home. And what a view they will have from their back yard! You should see it in the summer and fall…GORGEOUS!

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 026

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 025

I love this place and hope that the next owner will love it just as much…maybe more since we put in all the work and they get to reap all the benefits! haha

But all in all, I am enjoying this experience. Be it working with Michael or Dad or Mom, I get to spend time with at least one if not three of my favorite people in the world.

And I even convinced Daddy to take a picture with me at the end of the night. :)

Dad, Backhoe, Brooke & Jack 028

(You never can get him to take a normal picture! haha But I love it!)

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