Friday, February 4, 2011

Change…my world in transition

My life seems to have taken on a new theme: change. Said theme has me running around like crazy! So instead of going through all of this alone, I thought I would fill you in on all the change.

*Note: Sorry for the lack of ANY pictures, my camera and I are currently in a fight regarding uploading. I WILL win…eventually. :)

Change 1 – Engagement and wedding planning

So this one is a tidbit obvious from previous posts. Wedding plans are in full swing. The date has been set. Venues reserved. Dress purchased and bustled (is that how you say it? aka Momma added the ribbons underneath for my dress’ under-bustle and saved me the $125+ that David’s Bridal was going to charge me to bustle the dress…and it looks FABULOUS! Momma is awesome!). The bridal party set. Cake arranged (that’s another thing my amazing Momma is doing for me!). The honeymoon plans are a bit up in the air. We thought we had those set and they most likely have fallen through…so we are looking around like crazy trying to figure out the best (read: cheapest, but not a dump) place to go on the Atlantic Ocean that we can still hop in the water at the beginning of June. Then there is the food…what are we going to feed all these people?! And decorations…ugh…what in the WORLD do I want this whole shindig to look like???? I am sure there are a million other things that I haven’t figured out yet too…just ask, it tells me all the time that I am failing as a bride-to-be because x number of items are past due on my check list. I just ignore That is what I tend to do with people or websites that make me feel inferior, I ignore them. They aren’t worth my time. It’s how I roll. hahahaha (Okay…so I don’t seriously talk like that…and neither does Michael, but the other day he popped that off and I had a much needed laugh.)


Change 2 – Remodeling of my house

Oh me! Oh my! This week has been INSANE! This time last week, I didn’t even have a CLUE when we would be working on my house to spiff it up to put on the market. Then Saturday my dad says something to me about working on my house this week (mom and dad are the BEST contractors EVER and so when they can fit me in, I jump and jump however high they tell me to!) and we started talking. What I thought was going to be a small remodel, a spruce here, a spruce there has….ummm…become something MUCH bigger. I’m talking basically a remodel of my ENTIRE HOUSE! When we get done, someone will be buying basically a new home from me…and I’d be lying through my teeth if I said I wasn’t a twinge jealous. (I know you are asking yourself, “Why sell then?”…Michael’s house is the best option for us…and I LOVE his house. I’m just jealous because my house is finally becoming what I always knew it could be and I don’t get to live there. Not even for a day! Dad has already told me that when all is said and done, I can’t live there. Hmph! I see his point, but I’m still going to pout!) So here is a list of SOME of the things we have done this week, are doing shortly, etc: put everything from the two spare bedrooms, bathroom and part of the kitchen into my living room (my living room looks worse than an episode of Hoarders!!!!), rip of the carpet, scrap up the old carpet pad that was GLUED to the concrete (so much fun let me tell ya!), tear out the old, bad dry wall, tear out the old windows that had no purpose and were not properly installed, block over holes, insulate, frame up, drywall, mud, mud and mud some more, scrap off excess on ceilings to prepare for blowing of new ceilings, blow new ceilings, sand walls, wash down walls, primer walls, paint walls….and that just brings us up to this weekend and the beginning of next week! (And I have still blogged a little this week! I’m so proud of myself! haha I love my readers…so I’m sticking to my promise. :) ) So anyway, mom and dad have been working through the day and giving me my assignment for the evening. I would get off work from my job, drive straight to my house and get to work on my assignment, eat something, go to bed and do it all over again the next day! This weekend we SHOULD be able to primer! Woohoo!


Change 3 – Switching positions at work

I work for a WONDERFUL company in my hometown. I love it here. I have worked many places where everyone talks about “the good ol’ days”…of when it was wonderful to work for ABC Company, but that “now” everything is awful and they all love to tell me about how I missed out on “the good ol’ days”. Well, it has finally happened for me! I am working at this wonderful company in “the good ol’ days”!!!! So, I work for this dream company, but was in Accounting.  Apparently, I have a knack for accounting. (Who knew?!) I didn’t have any experience when I started this job, but it worked out well. I did a good job and became really comfortable with accounting. Then I heard of an opening in Marketing. My ears perked up. Did I dare dream of working for a dream company in the field that I enjoy so much?! Of course I dare! WOOHOOO!!!!! This was the best news I had heard in a LONG time! I could work for a company that I love AND work in the field that I LOVE! Amazing! God is GOOD! So that was the good news. I expressed my interest, talked with the powers that be and a month or two later, I was told I had the job! YAY! Then the hard part came in…the transition. The training of the person taking my place, the learning of the new jobs (I will also be working in contracts)…doing accounting, marketing and contracting all in one week and still having my sanity when I leave work. It has been rough, if you have never been there…lucky you!….if you have,  you have my sympathies. It is worth it all in the end, and I couldn’t be working at a better company to go through this rough stage with. So, I’m not complaining…just a TIDBIT overwhelmed. :)

Okay…that’s enough of the changes for today. Life is good and I am EXTREMELY blessed. At this point in time extremely blessed = extremely overwhelmed…but that is okay. I once heard a preacher say this: God will never give you more than you can handle, but sometimes you want to ask him “You DO know this is me? Right God? Are you sure I can handle all this????”. I’ve asked God that a time or two or TEN here lately, but he assures me that I am not alone. So, I’ll keep pluggin’ away and ask Michael says “There’s a light at the end of the tunnel! And it isn’t just a hyper kid with a glow stick!”


Happy Friday to all!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Dreaming of shorts and tank tops

Tennessee 8.27.10 037


Tennessee 8.27.10 044


holiday world



Come back summer. We miss you and your warmth.

Love, lou & michael


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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Truth and an apology…

Truth be told, my sister, drug me into blogging kicking and screaming (that saying is LITTLE more literal in this case than I care to admit). She was positive that I would LOVE blogging. Cris went on and on about the benefits of blogging. I smiled. I listened. I came up with excuse after excuse. “I’m on dial up. I don’t have a cute kid or wacky husband to write stories about. Who in the world would I cook for on a regular basis to write about it? Why would anyone read my blog?” Eventually, I started my blog…because that is what a little sister does when a big sister wants her to do something and refuses to leave her alone until she does it. Honestly,I really didn’t have a prayer. Cris is a professional. She teaches people how to blog and about the benefits of blogging for goodness sakes!

But anyway…something happened. I started to really enjoy it. I felt at home blogging. I felt comfortable blogging. I loved sharing the joy I have found in God and my life in this last year. So I admitted to my dear sister that she was right.

Then all kinds of change (post to come on this) hit at the end of the year and life went from a nice, comfy pace to a blur. And before I know it, an entire MONTH has passed without me touching my blog! Then a month and a half! I looked at the calendar and couldn’t believe it has been so long. So, this is my apology dear reader. I have not meant to neglect you and have honestly missed you and blogging. I promise to do better in the future…cross my heart. :)

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