Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hi...Remember me?

 Welp, time to dust off the blog. It is rather embarrassing really...going this long (almost TWO MONTHS) without a post. But better to face up to it and get back at it right?!

It has been an interesting two months...

My first trimester has come and went. (We hit 15 weeks yesterday!) It REALLY kicked my bootie, but Nugget is worth all the sickness. I am starting to feel a bit more human each day. I have discovered that peppermints are my best friend...they ease my nausea, heartburn and indigestion...although, I am guessing it will be years before I touch them after the pregnancy. A girl can only take so much of peppermint! But whatever works right now is what I am going with! 

Thanksgiving and Christmas have come and gone. We did our best to keep the roads between home and Evansville held down as we did our family things. I made it through with only a few minor meltdowns. It was great to see our nieces and nephew opening the gifts we bought them. Hannah and Ethan were up first and it was a trip between the "Ah Cool!!!" and "Oh My Goodness!!! This is the best present ever!" Addie was up next and she was brokenhearted when she unwrapped her cool new color playhouse (cardboard house that she can play in and color) and couldn't open it up immediately and get to work. Fear not, she quickly recovered with the plethora of other presents she had to open. We also received some really amazing, thoughtful did Nugget. (There will be more on that later.) 

One of the best highlights of my holiday season was helping out with Bless The Children. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE and ADORE my nieces and nephew and take great joy in finding that perfect gift for them...there is just something about being a part (even a really small part) of providing gifts for children who would have nothing. It makes me brings me such reminds me of what Christmas is really reminds me of the intense love our God has for us.

I never knew two months could fly by so fast! I just couldn't let the year end without at least one more post. I hope you and yours had a very Merry and Blessed Christmas and that you have a Safe, Healthy and Happy New Year!!!

See you in 2012!!!!
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