Thursday, August 18, 2011

In The Kitchen: 8 Great Burgers

I've been in the kitchen with Gooseberry Patch and you are not going to be disappointed!

I received my cookbooks in the mail and tore into my copy. I couldn't wait to make the first recipe and we found JUST the recipe to have for a fun summer evening with family and friends in Summer in the Country.

We needed a quick and yummy fix for our grumbling bellies after celebrating Miss Add's birthday and hanging out all afternoon. And 8 Great Burgers fit the bill!

Put your ground beef

 pork sausage (I HIGHLY recommend getting your sausage from Heather over at 3 Kids and Lots of Pigs it is AMAZING!)

worcestershire sauce

parmesan cheese and pepper in a bowl

Mix together

Make into patties

Grill to your liking

If you happen to have a husband who loves to grill, then you can let him join in the fun if you want and work his grillin' magic.

THEN you remember that you don't have any tomatoes and Scott offers to go get some. :)

And these beauties are what you get!

Dress it up to your liking....

And enjoy!

Special thanks to Gooseberry Patch for providing me with this great cookbook to try and share with you. If you would like to purchase this or other cookbooks, please visit their store. If you would like to see other great recipes, check out .

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  1. Looks so good and LOVE that this burger takes so little seasoning...the cheese, sausage and Worcestershire make 'em just salty enough! Thanks Lou!


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