Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Brings the BEST Friday Nights

This past Friday we had an invite from my parents to visit them at their campsite on Hickory Ridge. There was another duo that was invited as well…none other than my Goode Ole Boy brother-in-law, Mikey and the adorable Miss Add.

Momma had some good food waiting for us as soon as we pulled in. The BEST turkey in the world, fried taters (of course! Dad has to have them at practically EVERY meal), garlic bread grilled over the fire (YUM!) and cabbage…which everyone says is delicious, but I refuse to try. :) Followed up by some fresh mush melon for dessert. :)

Miss Add had a special treat. After she finished eating, she helped her Papaw get the horses ready…





Then she informed me that holding 2 horses was just too much and requested my help. haha Then it was time to mount up!

100_1946 100_1947  

And off they go!


Miss Add is 3 and already in her own saddle…although, she hasn’t graduated to actually getting the reigns yet, that girl can ride through anything.


She hangs on to the saddle horn like a pro…


and LOVES every minute of it!


Just like her Aunt Lou…so of course I had to get Michael out for a quick lap through the woods :) Dad MAY have had a few doubts about me taking Michael out by myself on a horse that he had never rode, on a saddle that was not set up for his legs since it was only his 5th time on a horse in his adult life…

100_1959 100_1965 100_1966  100_1968

But Michael HAD to ride in a treeless saddle! They are DIVINE! (More on this at a later date) And after a quick ride in one, he agreed with me and was smiling the entire time :)


Look Dad! I brought him back in one piece! :)


Then there was the guitars around the campfire. Momma made a request with her invite. Her request was that both my brother-in-law, Mikey, and my Michael bring their guitars. My family is not blessed with much musical talent ourselves, but we LOVE music…so it is kinda handy that Mom and Dad have two very gifted son-in-laws :) Here is a quick clip of part of the fun…enjoy!

All in all…it was the PERFECT Friday night out by the campfire (except for the fact that my sis couldn’t make it that is)…I look forward to many more of these in the future with Cris included! :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dirty Jobs: Mud – Not just for pigs

So I’m a part of this FABULOUS group called the Real Farm Wives of America and Friends. I’m obviously in the “Friends” part…but a part of it nonetheless. And I am SOOO glad to be counted in with this group of ladies. You see…I grew up on our family farm with the cows and our horse, Lightnin’. So I have a special place in my heart for this awesome group of gals who either grew up on the farm or live there now. :)

I also have a special place in my heart for horses. I LOVE them! I love looking at them. I love their smell. I love their personalities (Sis, my horse is actually quite a snob, but I love her anyway!). I love going on trail rides with them. I just love horses. I have since I was a kid. Lightnin’ was an AMAZING horse. So, he probably has a LOT to do with my love for horses.

Here is Lightnin’ with my cousin. He was a stud horse, but still gentle as a lamb. We could literally put 6 or so small children on him bareback without a worry in the world.


But anyway…back to the dirty jobs. We are doing a joint post today of Dirty Jobs on the farm…this is one that horses require of you. There is the obvious one of manure if they are in a stall…but there is also another one. Mud. Horses LOVE to roll in mud. After a good ride, they are sweaty and itchy just like people…so their solution is to roll in mud. Personally, I think it is also just fun for them. BUT they can’t be saddled with all that mud on them…and you want your horse to look pretty when you ride!…so we curry them.

Here was supposed to be a picture of Stormie after a good roll in the mud…but the rain washed most of it away and this was the best I could get (The ONE time I needed the horse to be dirty and he is practically clean! Seriously, if you would have seen him last week with his body covered in mud and his hair standing up like someone spiked it using mud as gel, you would understand my frustration! haha)…

IMG_1675 IMG_1678  IMG_1676

So we take the curry comb and brush and get to cleaning. We brush them ALL over, not just where the saddle will go. A girl’s gotta have a clean horse for her hubby to ride…



And she might get covered in dust along the way if the wind is blowing (hence the squinty eyes, you can’t see it, but I swear it was attacking my eyes!)…


But the end result is one pretty horse for your new hubby to ride!




Now for the big surprise of my wedding. My Dad had a REALLY dirty job! He washed and scrubbed and brushed and basically polished my horse, Sis. His reason for doing this???

Dad, Mom and Michael surprised me with MY HORSE at the wedding!!!! I rode her from our back yard to the reception hall!!! It was this girl’s dream come true! Literally! I have wanted this for a LONG time, but didn’t think it was even a REMOTE possibility! I couldn’t BELIEVE that they did this and without me having a CLUE! It was perfectly orchestrated so that I had the surprise of a lifetime!

happy bride on horse

horse - dress back and veil 

horse - dress back

This picture is the picture I gave to Dad on Father’s Day! :) See how pretty and CLEAN Sis is! Perfect for my wedding day ride!

dad me & sis 

And here is some video of the Bride and Groom in action :)

I MAY or may not have accidently flashed over half of my wedding guests on my first attempt to get on my horse (hence the look on my Sister-In-Law’s face when she comes up to try and block any “view” someone might get on my second attempt of getting on my horse. haha)…Oops! It’s okay though…my cousin Brit, said I had a cute butt. :)

And you will also hear a VERY upset Miss Add as we start to ride away…you see, Uncle Michael is on her horse and she wanted to ride…but she’s not crying…just ask her. haha LOVE that girl!

If you want to read about some of the dirty jobs on the farm, check out The Real Farmwives of America & Friends and see what some of the other ladies are up to! You can also check us out on Facebook!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Masters of the Self Photo

The ONLY bad part about a honeymoon…you don’t have a photographer to take pictures for you anymore. So we mastered the self photo…I think we did pretty good! So here is a recap of some of our fun on the honeymoon.

When we first arrived…view from our room…


Getting ready to head out to the beach…


Heading out to eat…


Late night swim…


Playing on the beach…


Heading out to eat…again (my new hubby LOVES seafood…and well, just food in general!)…


At the Ponce Lighthouse (very cool place btw!)…


At the top of the lighthouse…


Our last late night walk on the beach (sniff sniff)…


In front of Laurel Falls (where he proposed)…


And last but not least…the sign for the Smokies!


I miss our honeymoon already…I can’t wait for our Guatemala trip! It is just around the corner!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father’s Day Get Together

My dad is awesome. Seriously. I’m not just saying that because Sunday was Father’s Day. He is just awesome.

He is someone I look up to, confide in, laugh with, fight with (Mom says it’s because we are so much alike…which I take as high praise!), ride horses with, work with and trust.

He loves us all unconditionally. Believe me…in my wild days, I pushed it to see…and yep, sure enough, he still loved me! So having a day centered around him sounds like a good idea to me. So we all got together at mine and Michael’s house for a get together for Dad. :)

Of course, Add stole the show. She the first and only grandchild…so, she is the apple of her Papaw’s eye.

 100_1860 100_1863

And Miss Add even gave Papaw a piano lesson…she shocked us all by playing Twinkle Twinkly Little Star (and knowing when she hit the wrong key) and singing. She has her daddy’s musical talent. :)


Then came Cris with her homemade Peach Pie (that was FABULOUS! You can find the recipe here.)


Then it was my turn. :) Dad isn’t much on cards, but I had a special reason for writing out such a long card. The special reason is in his right hand.


(So I never knew until these pictures that this dress makes me look pregnant…which I am not…so, yep. This one will probably go in the yard sale! haha)



You see…when I was a teenager, I locked horns with my dad…a lot. I was a good kid, but I was very headstrong…just like Dad, so we still had our go ‘rounds. Even though we didn’t always see eye to eye, I was always a Daddy’s girl and had a wallet size photo of us in my car. Sometime when Dad was driving my car, he wrote a note on the back of the picture. It simply said “Lou, I will always love you. Dad” I have no idea when he did this or how long it was on there before I found it, but I have cherished it ever since the day I found it. Even now, 13 years later, I still have that picture.

SO, for Father’s Day, I got with my wedding photographer and had her edit a special photo (which I can’t show because I want to reveal that surprise later :) Torture…I know…it is torture for me waiting on them! haha I can’t wait to get them back!) of me and Dad. I printed a wallet and a 4x6. On the back of the wallet, I wrote “Dad, I will always love you. Lou” :)

There was lots more fun…including Tom…the salmonella carry turtle we later found out. (We always played with these as kids, but according to CDC…that’s a big No No…so Tom went back outside!)

DSC_6828 DSC_6815 DSC_6820 DSC_6826 

And a some pictures of Dad with all his girls (minus mom behind the camera)

 DSC_6829 DSC_6830 

All in all…it was a wonderful day. I am so blessed to have an amazing family and the absolute best parents!

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