Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Bit of Chaos…

Dear Readers,

I apologize for my disappearance. I am still alive and well…okay, so the “well” part might be pushing it. BUT for a Bride-To-Be ten days away from her wedding and in the middle of a mad dash to get her house remodeled prior to the wedding, I am doing well in the midst of all the chaos. :)

I would love to give a promise of more frequent posts in the next few days, but did I mention the wedding is TEN days away! I CAN promise, however, to do my best. The countdown is DEFINITELY on! I am SUPER excited for it to happen and the blog posts that will come afterwards of the awesomeness of the happiest day of my life! :)

I did have an amazing Bridal shower on Sunday courtesy of my wonderful mother and sister (who just happens to be my Matron of Honor). Cris and Mom made it fun and yummy! There was quite a good crowd and TONS of wonderful things. Unfortunately, when you are the bride-to-be, they don’t let you have a camera in your hand. So I don’t have pictures to post. :-\ I’ll have to work see if I can grab some from someone so you can see the awesome cupcakes, cookies, people and presents! :)

Another thing I can’t wait to post about is my house. It has become the beautiful home I knew it could be and is 99.8% done! YAY! We spent 13 1/2 hours Saturday doing all kinds of craziness…pouring the concrete porch and sidewalk, cleaning up the metal left from the barn, staining new doors inside and sewing new grass. We were exhausted but well pleased at the end of the day. Pictures and posts to come! Hopefully we will come back from the honeymoon and someone will want to buy it! Fingers crossed!

So anyway, we are busy busy here in Southern Indiana. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers please! :)

p.s. The wedding is supposed to be in our backyard. As of today, the forecast is only showing up to the day of the rehearsal (which is partly cloudy and 85), so pray for good weather! We have a rain out plan, but would LOVE to be married in our own backyard…so all prayers are appreciated! :)

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