Friday, March 25, 2011

My 1st Tweet

I believe I MIGHT have mentioned before something about how Cris had just a LITTLE something to do with me blogging.

Well…big sister is at it again. Once she got me up and running on my blog, she started in about how I needed to join Twitter. And once again, I hemmed…I hawed…I bulked, ignored, whined at her and resisted in just about any other way you can think of. Then, as usual, after a few months of this and me running out of excuses…I caved.

So…last night, with a loving shout out from my sister, I jumped into the world of Twitter. It isn’t as scary as I thought it would be…actually…I think I might like this Twitter thing. I just don’t want Cris to find that out. She might think she was right or something! ;) haha

Look me up @AdoLou and follow me so that I can find you and follow!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Before and After

2.24.11 Upload 044

2.24.11 Upload 047

We looked worse, but the house sure did look better! :)


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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have check lists running out my ears.

Wedding checklist.


House remodel checklist.


Guatemala prep & fundraising checklist.


And probably at least one or twenty more that I am mentally blocking at the moment.

The checking off of the lists is slow going! (hence the pic with only ONE thing checked off! haha) There was one thing that had been bugging me that hadn’t been taken care of more than the others. One KIND OF important thing.

Reservations for our honeymoon.

We are having a summer wedding. So that means we will be traveling to a sandy beach in the summer. Hmmm…I bet the ocean front rooms NEVER sell out that time of year. Especially at a place that is known for awesome customer service and many, MANY return visitors.

We knew where we wanted to stay (thanks to a reference from my Matron-of-Honor/awesome sister). My heart was set on this specific place. We had the means to pay for it. We knew (obviously) WHEN we were going. We just kept forgetting. Night after night after blessed night! It was driving me CRAZY!


Our morning phone call would go something like this:

Me: We can’t forget to make the reservations for the honeymoon tonight.
Michael: Okay.
Me: I mean it. We HAVE to do it TONIGHT!
Michael: Okay, I’ll remind you and we will do that before anything else tonight.

Repeat the same conversation almost word for word the next morning. Ugh. This went on for close to a month. Double ugh.


Then inspiration struck. I set an alarm on my phone for the evening. I told Michael that when that alarm went off we were dropping everything and making the reservations. I didn’t care WHAT we were in the middle of, we were going to stop and make that call!

And it worked! It actually worked! Mr. & Ms. Forgetful FINALLY made their reservations. So now I can put one more check on my checklist. Woohoo!!!

And it also means, that this will be Michael and I in 2 1/2 months! I can’t wait!!!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Aunt Lou Round Two!!!!!


No picture from me on this one. Go here to find out what I mean by Aunt Lou Round Two. :)

I’m just a LITTLE excited. :)



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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Valentine’s Day, Not Just Feb 14th Anymore

I refused to acknowledge Valentine’s Day on February 14th this year because of a certain business trip. Even the lovely girl at the front desk of the hotel caught on when she started to offer me the complimentary champagne and chocolates as I checked in. It was just a sour reminder of what I was missing. But…

Michael had OUR Valentine’s Day…February 21st…all planned out. Then the stupid house got in the way. YET AGAIN. So, maybe next year we can go with his wonderful plans. We couldn’t do the wonderful evening out to a nice restaurant, but he did come through with these beauties.

2.24.11 Upload 099


A bouquet of my favorite Gerber Daisies. Not only are they my absolute favorite. They are our wedding flowers. He did good. :)

2.24.11 Upload 103


I LOVED the little flowers they used instead of baby’s breath. So pretty!

2.24.11 Upload 108


Then there were my favorite valentine candy…Sweethearts!

2.24.11 Upload 093


And the absolutely PERFECT card for us…it was kind of eerie how well it fit us. (Sorry about the flash…I was tired and not paying attention)

2.24.11 Upload 094


He is amazing…that’s just all there is to it. Even when I go and screw up our very first Valentine’s Day…not once, but TWICE. He still comes through…and surprises me…and makes me smile…and makes me fall more and more in love with him each day. *sigh*

Sorry for all the sappiness, but I’ve been keeping this all inside for a over a week now. It was bound to spill out somewhere. :)

Think warm Florida sun…

Three weeks ago on Thursday I was home sick. I had been battling a cold like none other and finally gave up and decided to sleep all day to let my body fight it off. That afternoon I received a text message from a friend/superior of mine at work. It said, “Call me. Think warm Florida sun.” *Sidenote: I am basically transitioned into my new position at work, but my old position was working with a contract out of Florida. I have NEVER had to travel for this company before.* I thought that was a strange text message, but called her anyway. That is when she told me that I had missed a lot that day, and that they needed me to go to Florida on Monday for a week. She told me to digest it and then let her know.

Florida? Florida. FlorIDA. FLORIDA. Hmmmm…

(HA! I wish this was what my trip was like!)

First thing I did was call Michael. And Michael was just what I knew he would be…supportive as always. :) Then I called Mom to make sure that I could leave the house remodel (more on that soon) for a week. She assured me that it would be fine. So I made the call back to work and it was a done deal. Three days later, I would be in Florida.

Then it hit me. Monday I would be in Florida. Monday…aka our first Valentine’s Day. Crap! I sent Michael a text along the lines of “Crap! I’ll be gone on Valentine’s Day!” and once again, he was supportive and wonderful. He assured me that it was okay and that we would celebrate Valentine’s Day a week later…no big deal.

So that was it.

Friday was a whirl of websites trying to find the best deals, reservations, confirmation numbers, etc. etc.

Saturday was a FULL work day at the house trying to get everything done before I left so that Michael wasn’t left to do our part on his own.

Then it was Sunday. I had a to do list for that day that was a mile long…literally…at the end of that list was packing. It was a stressful day to say the least. And honestly, I had a little pre-trip anxiety. I had never done anything like this before. Sure, I have traveled my entire life and LOVE it. But never alone for this long. And EVERYONE was reminding me that my oh so outgoing personality could get me into trouble, so to keep the talking to strangers to a minimum or something VERY bad was going to happen to me. My stomach was in knots, but we got it all done (and obviously I made it back without some horrible fate overtaking me. YAY! :) haha).

Michael drove me to the airport Monday morning…our first Valentine’s Day…and stayed with me until I REALLY needed to go through security. I arrive at my gate just minutes before my group was called to board. Talk about perfect timing!

Then I arrive in Orlando and my adventure began.

The Enterprise guy informs me that I would be receiving a horrid car, but for $5/day, I could have ANY car they had there. He was really persistent with the Cadillac’s. I, however, am more of a sporty car girl and less of a luxury car girl. So I chose this…

2.24.11 Upload 088

2.24.11 Upload 089

I LOVED this car! It is a 2011 Mazada3 with Tiptronic transmission! I am a stick shift girl at heart and always will be, but since they didn’t have any coupes OR manual transmission cars available, I was more than happy to drive around in this beauty. :)

My company also put me up at a nice hotel just about 2 miles down the road from the office, so that made it easy for me to not get lost even without my Garmin’s assistance. :)

The Hampton Inn & Suites in Clermont is definitely a place I would recommend staying. The accommodations were great and the staff was wonderful. Here’s my room…

My super comfy beds with super comfy pillows

2.24.11 Upload 056 


My roomy desk

2.24.11 Upload 058


The vanity that I fell in LOVE with

2.24.11 Upload 060 


And it had my favorite thing of all….a rounded shower curtain rod. I am seriously obsessed with these things. Love them!

2.24.11 Upload 061


AND a floor to ceiling mirror on the closest for a quick outfit check in the mornings. Fabulous. I want one. I need one. Michael hunny, will you get me one for our house? Pretty please :)

2.24.11 Upload 063


So it was a week of work just like if I was home. It was just nicer weather, but I had an old friend that I needed to visit.

The Atlantic Ocean.

I have had a long standing friendship with the Atlantic. It has been my friend, my love, for a long time. I have MANY MANY childhood memories playing on the beach, riding the waves, getting water up my nose, walking the waterline by moonlight, building sand castles and oh so much more. There was a period of time where we would wind up at the Atlantic nearly every summer for quite a few years…up until 2000. And I haven’t been back since. I’ve wanted to, but just haven’t been able to. I was SOOOOO close, but not quite there. Only an hour and a half away. So Tuesday, I set my Garmin for Cocoa Beach and I was off.

The drive was beautiful and I WISH I could have gotten pictures, but driving a rental and taking pictures at the same time just didn’t seem like a good idea. I found the parking area and got out of my car. And I heard it. The wonderful Atlantic was just over the bank. I was so excited. It was going to be dusk in about 30-45 minutes, so I got right to it.

2.24.11 Upload 064

2.24.11 Upload 065

It was as wonderful as I remembered. I couldn’t wait to go for a run and get my toes in the sand and water. :)

2.24.11 Upload 069


2.24.11 Upload 070


Pretty soon I needed to get back to my car though so that the boogie man didn’t get me…and head back for the hotel.

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. Work, eat, workout in the hotel’s fitness center, shower, grab clothes for the morning, talk to Michael, sleep and repeat.

It was a good trip. We got a lot down in the Florida office, so that made me happy. What made me happiest of all that week??? The huge hugs and kisses I got from Michael in the baggage claim area of SDF. Feeling his arms around me and my arms around him. It was the most wonderful moment. A tension inside of me that I didn’t even know was there released. I was home in his arms. Exactly where I wanted to be. Pure bliss.

Next time either one of us will be in Florida, it will be for our honeymoon! I can’t wait! :)

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