Monday, July 26, 2010

Guatemala - 1

So I have returned from Guatemala and have been trying to recover all be honest, I haven't even come close to recovering.  It all feels like a blur, and I am still extremely tired.  Has it really been a week since I said good bye to my Oneidi?? 

I guess I am getting a little ahead of myself....let's start with the travel.  It experience.  It started off well enough with a drive up to Indianapolis to the airport with the usual hurry up (to make it through security) and wait (for forever to get on the plane). 

This is the first of five airports for this particular day...

Then there was the lady that decided I looked like I could use a cuddle was a SLIGHTLY uncomfortable situation, but at least she got her nap in!

After hours of driving, flights, layover, flights, layovers, flights, etc, we arrive in Guatemala.  I WISH I had a picture of the TWELVE passenger van that SEVENTEEN people and all our luggage for the week rode in for FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT...but I do not.  At that point, we were all a little exhausted and shocked to take pictures of the madness. 

I believe Tyson put it best when during our torturous van ride he said "This has been the LONGEST day of my life."  We all agreed.  I was never so glad to lay down on a bed that felt like a concrete slab in my life!  "The Longest Day of Our Lives" was finally over! :)

A little sidenote to my lovely and talented sister....this is my 3rd post, now I get my header! Woot woot!!!!! :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Grief and Catching Up

I have received much grief from my sister over at Goodeness Gracious because I have not blogged enough. We won't go into the fact that she has been borrowing my computer...even if it is slow...for the last month or so.....or the fact that she has the convenience of DSL and all that is available in the sticks where I live is dial up...nope, we won't go there....we wouldn't want to upset my sweet, wonderful, lovable sister. :) I digress...

So life is crazy and always. Since I have been a bad blogger, I decided to play a little random catch up. Here are some highlights of the summer so far....

I climbed a mountain....granted, it was not on my birthday like I had said it would be, but by golly my butt climbed to the top and stood on the highest point. Now the "standing" on the highest point lasted for all of 10 seconds before I realized I was STANDING on the very highest point of this particular piece of mountain and one false move or moment of poor balance and I would have a nice long fall to contemplate just how wise of an idea that was. SO I then proceeded to SIT on the very highest point and enjoy the view. :)

The joy of climbing a mountain: You have to come back down. On the way up you grab with your hands, see where you are going to place your feet before they go there...not so on the way down. So my good friend Heather captured my moment of 'How the heck am I going to get down'.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience that I can't wait to try again.

Another great 1st for me was running my first 5k. It was a small race in French Lick and I had a blast. I had recently started running again when I heard about this race. To say that I was a little nervous would be a gross understatement. It was completely irrational because I run all the time, but I was nervous nonetheless. Luckily, I had good friends like Stephanie there to keep me smiling until the race.

And when it was all said and done, I was 2nd in my age division, achieved a personal best of 27:46 and received a snazzy little medal. :)

There has also been some awesome birthday shindigs that have included hotel suites, casinos, The Cadillac Ranch, good times with family and tons of good times.

My 28th Birthday celebration in French Lick also included climbing a tree in a dress! haha

Gramma's 85th included good times with Gramma & my adorable niece.

Then there was Lyn's 29th Barbie birthday party in downtown Indy

And last but not least on this summer catch up post is the race that almost was...I had signed up for my first 5 miler this summer. After much training and more than a little nerves, I arrived for the race and got my number....

Then the rain thundered, lightening light up the sky, rain came down in buckets and wouldn't let it was cancelled. Even though I didn't get to actually run the race, I'm proud to say that I know that I can run 5 miles straight now and will one day be able to prove that in a race!

So that's some highlights from the summer so far. There is so much more that is coming up. My mission trip to Guatemala, hopefully another trip to Tennessee to see my lifelong best friend Heather, trips to the lake, horseback riding and going to see my favorite local band Ugly Early. I can't wait to share it on here and post more pics of my adventures. While I may not have the set up to easily blog daily, I will try to not let so long go between post.....I will try to make my blogging guru sister proud. :)

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