Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mamaw Strauss

This is Mary….aka Michael’s Mamaw Strauss.

Mary was the 1st person in Michael’s family that I met. She and my
Gramma were both residents of Paoli Health and Living Community, so I introduced myself to Mary one day while there visiting my Gramma. Michael adores his Mamaw, so I couldn’t help but meet her. She has him wrapped around her finger…as he should be. :)
labor day singing 10

She was instantly warm and welcoming to me. We had a nice visit that first day with a promise for another soon. Little did I know how much she would become a part of my life…as well as her brother, Uncle Harley.

labor day 10

(She is pictured above at Michael’s mom’s house for a Labor Day Weekend Cook Out and singing along with Michael and his sister, Misty.)

Michael had always told me that he tried to spend as much time with his Mamaw as he could. I truly appreciated that because I feel the same way about my Gramma. They are special ladies and spending time with them is an honor and a treat. He was true to his word on this. Besides Michael, his Mamaw and Uncle Harley are the two people I saw the most in his family. He is not only an amazing man for me, but an amazing Grandson to Mary.

Every week on Sunday (unless something MAJOR came up), we would stop by PH&L Community and pick up Mary and Harley for their weekly trip to Maple Street (their FAVORITE restaurant). Mary’s eyes would always light up as soon as she would see us….and there was a great big hug accompanied by “I’m so glad to see you! I’m so glad you guys could come today!” She was the first of Michael’s family members to tell me she loved me. She always made me feel welcomed. And you couldn’t leave without a good bye hug…she’s a lady after my own heart on that one. But anyway….each week we load the walkers up in the trunk of the car and off we go. So many memories were made over the last months on these trips and others that I am so very thankful for.

This past Sunday was like any other. We picked Mamaw Strauss and Uncle Harley up. Went to Maple Street. Michael’s mom, Gay, drove up from Mt. Vernon to join us. We enjoyed a good visit and good food.  Gay offered to take Mary and Harley back to PH& L. As we were rearranging things in Gay’s SUV to fit the walkers in, Mary stood outside the car. I wasn’t sure why she hadn’t climbed in yet…but Mary was always strong willed, so you didn’t question the little things. I was making one more trip around to the back of the car and Mary says to me, “You can’t leave yet!” She wanted her hug good bye. She had been standing there waiting patiently for it. I assured her that I would be right back for my hug. I gave her a hug good bye and told her we would be by to pick her up for Thanksgiving Dinner the following Saturday. We said good bye…and waved good bye with smiles. This was the last Sunday dinner at Maple Street we will every have with our beloved Mamaw Strauss. She passed away this early this morning.

Mamaw Strauss…you will be forever loved and forever missed….rest with our wonderful God, Jesus and the angels now. We will see you again someday. We miss you. We love you.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Gramma


I grew up next door to Gramma. Over the last couple years, we have become really close. So I’m very grateful that I get to see her at least a few times every week. I love my Gramma. :)

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