Friday, October 29, 2010

Bad Day Surprise

So a few weeks ago (I know, I am behind on posting about this!) I was having a REALLY bad day. It was a Monday. I was tired and cranky. My co-workers were tired and cranky. Let’s just say, that is a horrible combination and it had been a bad bad morning. Anyway, I had text my dear, sweet Michael about my bad morning. Just after I returned from lunch….these arrived. :)
random 013

He knew that Gerbera Daisies are my favorite and that the pink and oranges ones are my favorites of the colors. Our 4 month mark was the next day and he had already planned on sending me flowers, but thought he would send them a day in advance since I was having such a rotten morning. I thought it was sweet…until I heard the story of what it took to get these babies in my hands…that made them 100 times more special.

You see….apparently there isn’t a single florist in my town or the surrounding towns that keep these beautiful flowers in stock.

random 010

Apparently every single florist in the county requires a 2-3 day advance notice to be able to provide you with a bouquet of Gerbera Daisies.

random 012

So after calling each and every florist in the county and being told the same thing, he remembers the one that said she MIGHT be able to catch her truck delivering that day, but she doubted it. He frantically calls her back and she hangs up before he can put in his specific request on colors. You see, he did not want them unless they would be the perfect ones for me. (Yea…he’s sweet like that. :) ) So dear Michael was a tidbit worried.

random 005

Luckily, when she called back and he asked which colors she would be getting in, she had the right answer and these beautiful flowers were on my desk shortly thereafter. :)

I don’t like surprises for one reason: It is almost impossible to surprise me. I hate figuring it out before it happens when it is actually supposed to be a surprise. Unfortunately, that is what happens 99.9% of the time. However, Michael did an amazing job…he completely caught me off guard on this. THIS was a surprise I enjoyed.

I think I’ll keep him. :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: My Love

Michael and I 
He’s amazing…I am happy…life is wonderful :)
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Perfect Fall Day – Spring Mill State Park

Saturday was one of those wonderful, rare days.  It was sunny and the perfect temperature with a slight breeze.  SO, Michael and I decided to head on over to Spring Mill State Park
It was the perfect day for a hike…but we couldn’t decide which trail to take.  We ended up deciding on heading down the trail to Donaldson Cave…


….which is closed to save the bats (I think) or something along those lines.   Thankfully, Trail 4 is right down the same way as the cave…otherwise, it would have been an extremely short hike for nothing.  Boo on that.

Along the way we found one of the old water fountains and decided it was a photo op…


Then there was the fun wooden bridge…just past one of the monuments…


Next up…was the beautiful stone bridge closer to the village…


Doesn’t this look like a senior picture? (For all you people from my hometown…I think Don Stands would be proud!)


Then we strayed off the path and climbed on some rocks…it was so much fun just walking through nature…taking it all in and enjoying God’s creation…plus I love to climb on rocks…so it works for me. :)

 SM14 SM11 SM12 SM13

After going around most of the park on Trail 4, we decided to take a little drive…and of course, Michael had to take me to my favorite road so that I could get a picture with the fall leaves…I am seriously in love with this scenery!  I could sit there and look at it for hours.


There was so much to do and see and take in. I heart Spring Mill. This goes down as another one of those amazing weekends that I’ll always cherish. :)


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Twins? Sure…just four years apart

My sister and I went to Wal-Mart one evening to pick up a few things. It had been a bizarre evening of random strangers coming up and talking to us about everything from cookbooks to my high heels. While we were in Wal-Mart yet another lady stopped us.  She wanted to know if we were twins. We said no. She did like this answer. We smiled politely as she tried to convince us that she was right and again assured her that we were not twins. She acted almost as if we were lying to her. haha It would have been more humorous and flattering if I wasn’t the younger of the siblings and like to think that I look younger than my years. I’ll just go with the thought that my sister looks about 8-10 years younger than she is.  :)
This lady wasn’t the first to go on and on about how much my sister and I look alike. Sometimes I agree with people….sometimes I don’t. I think we go through phases where we look alike and where we don’t. 

Today was a first though. Today was the first time a computer program decided to weigh in on the “how much do they look alike” debate.

I decided to upload some pictures to facebook from our fun day at
Kelsay Farms. Apparently facebook now has a new feature that automatically groups pictures together of the one person so you can tag them in a group of pictures instead of individually.  Okay…now let’s play the game “One of these doesn’t belong”….anyone notice anything funny about one of the pictures in the group that is supposed to be me? Yup…that’s right. Even facebook thinks we look identical.


It’s alright though….if I have to look JUST like someone, might as well be my purdy sis! :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Brother-in-law

I lucked out…my sis picked a “Goode” one. ;)  He started out as a pain in my side brother-in-law and has become my brother I love. 

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Fun at Kelsay Farms

I have a confession. I am a former fall hater. I am ashamed to admit it really. I was a summer girl through and through. There was just nothing fall could do to convince me of it’s charms. At that time, to me, fall meant winter was on the way and the warm summer sun was far far away. Therefore, it was a sad time of year for me.
Last year though…something magical happened. I discovered Kelsay Farms and Agri-Tourism! Fall had a secret weapon! Tons of outside fun that I can only enjoy this time of year. Fall is a tricky little devil…before you realize it you will succumb to it’s charms just like I have. 
Seriously though…I didn’t stand a chance.  Fall has special helpers at Kelsay Farms.  Look at this AWESOME corn maze! 
There were clues hidden throughout the maze that had answers to the questions on the card you are given.  And we found out from the ladies over at Two Maids A Milking that the clues are moved every week, so you can go back again and again and still have fun trying to find the allusive clues!

I’m getting a little ahead of myself here though.  There is the anticipation and excitement leading up to the corn maze…just look at Add’s face! :)
Then there was the figuring out of the maze…can you tell we were on a mission? Miss Add is a child after my own heart on this one!
mission corn maze
We MAY have gotten a bit too excited and Addie MAY have not been watching where she was going and she MAY have ended up getting her hands a little muddy from falling down…BUT fear not, Aunt Lou to the rescue! It IS what Aunt Lou’s do best ya know! ;)
After literally running through practically the entire maze, Miss Add was a tidbit tired and needed a little break. Again, I was happy to come to the rescue (I may adore this little girl…just a little bit. Can you tell???).
add on my back

Then there was some picture posing…if you have EVER met my sister or my mom, you know this is a MUST in our family. It is just the way it is, so don’t even attempt to resist…just enjoy it!
me and add goofin
She just LOOKS like she is up to something….
noe goode
Michael has already learned to enjoy the fun of our family!
us and barn

Next up was the hayride. Add was grinning the entire time…
hayride with add
And so were the adults…
Sidenote: That’s Mikey’s version of a smile for pictures…he’s weird, but we love him anyway.
cris and mike hayride

After the that fun, we ran into Miss Liz.  She showed Addie some of the fun in the play area for little kiddos.
liz and add

And of course, we couldn’t leave out the Moo Choo Express…complete with a yummy chocolate shake. (It really doesn’t matter how cold it is, this is a MUST at Kelsay Farms! They are amazing!  It is a dairy farm after all.)

After the Moo Choo, we went to another one of my favorites…Bale Mountain!!!!  We conquered it…
bale mountain
Slid down it…
add slide
(Don’t judge…adults can have fun too!)
And crawled through it.  What I do NOT have a picture of is me chasing Addie through the tunnels in the mountain.  She would giggle, bend over slightly and still be able to run through the tunnels.  However, Aunt Lou was trying to keep up on her hands and knees…a sight to see, just take my word for it.

A new addition to our fall fun this year was feeding some calves that were 6 days old.  This was somewhat a somewhat nostalgic experience for me.  You see back in the day, my sister and I bottle fed calves.  It was the year of twins on our farm….so dad enlisted our help and I became a pro.  (Yes, I know I was quite the fashionista back then.)
So feeding one calf was a breeze and quite a bit of fun!
bottle feeding

So you see…Fall pulled out the secret weapon (aka Kelsay Farms) and swept me right off my feet.  I had no choice but to fall back in love with this beautiful season all over again this year. *sigh*
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