Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More of my trip....

This is actual video of some parts of the trip.  The little girl doing the chicken dance with Mike Parks is Oneidi. 


I love watching the video and seeing the pictures and all the memories that they stir up...but it makes me literally ache to be with these people once again.  I miss the children....I miss the women...I miss them all. 

I had been to Honduras years ago on a mission trip, but I don't remember this ache to return.  I always knew that I wanted to go on another mission trip, but wasn't sure where.  After this trip, I ache to return there.  To interact with the people there again...I am determined to return.  And lucky for me, if this is a God planted desire, it will happen! :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Guatemala 2010 Video

This is a video that Tyson put together of some of the pictures from our trip.  It makes me long to go back very soon!  I miss the people...I miss my girls.  Watch closely and you will see Oneidi and Caeli in there quite a bit! :)

I heart Summer Fun

One of my best friends, Heth, and her husband, Joel, came to visit last weekend.  We have been trying to plan a trip to Holiday World all summer long and finally set the date for last Saturday.  (THEN early last week we had a WONDERFUL surprise when we found out Michael's mom was able to get us some free tickets!)

Here is the whole gang together for the classic Santa statue pic. (There is one missing though...Heth's beloved dog, Henry...he had already set up shop at the HW kennel)

From left to right: Michael, Me, Santa, Heth & Joel  (Sidenote: You have to love asking random strangers to take pictures for you. :) haha)

The day was was very crowded and hot, but the company made it an awesome day.  Here are some random shot from the day....
Waiting in line for Frightful Falls with Heth...

And Michael....

And then Heth and Joel in line... 
Later on we went to the show Dive.  It was awesome!  Heth took TONS of pics, so I will just choose a few of the highlights.

Like the lady who set herself on fire...

And the synchronized diving where all four of them hit the water at the same time in the itty bitty pool! 

You can't miss the finale of the craziest guy on the team that climbs 80 ft in the air to stand on a 1 ft x 1 ft platform to jump into a pool that is only 10 ft deep.  Here's to you crazy guy!
The rest of our day was spent in line and riding some awesome water the Wildebeest, Pilgrim's Plunge, Bakuli, Jungle Racer etc.  We were pretty inventive on entertaining ourselves in line.  There was many games of 1,2,3 Shoot!...Paper, Rock Scissors, people watching (sometimes that was just plain scary, like the guy with the tatoo of a hand flipping everyone off...we all voted him the most memorable person of the day hahaha)...and mine and Michael's first dance while in line for Bakuli.  It was just a great summer day with some of my favorite people.  By the end of the day we were tired though and you can tell in our final pics of the day...

Heth and Joel...poor Heth looks exhausted!

And Michael and I...
 I heart summer fun :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Guatemala - 2

Original title to this post right? haha Ahh well, my creative brain will have to kick in another time. :)  Back to Guatemala...

So the bulk of our day through the week was spent clearing a piece of land on the mountain so that classrooms, a medical clinic and a church can be built.  This is what it looked like when we pulled up the first day....lovely. haha

Basically we had a little piece of jungle to clear out.  Complete with trees that needed to come down, stumps that needed dug up and critters of ALL varieties (from scorpions to snakes to very colorful, multi-legged things to the ones I dread most, ants!) that sometimes take a bite out of your arm.  :)

Even though there was lots of hard work, we still made sure to have hiding in a tree that you are carrying :)

We also put on a VBS for the children Monday - Thursday.  They had never had anything like this before and appreciated it more than I have EVER seen a church program appreciated in my life.  They had never met anyone like us before and they showered us with their love.  How it makes you feel is beyond words.

So here are a few pics of the wonderful kids we had the privilege of getting to know...

This would be my Oneidi...we bonded very closely over just a few days.  Heartbreaking is not a strong enough word for how it felt to say goodbye to her and her sister Caeli. 

Speaking of Caeli...she was a little spitfire that LOVED to give out fabulous hugs!

These two were my shadows throughout the trip and I miss them greatly.  I also met a TON of other amazing is most of the crowd from the final night....

There are so many more memories that I want to put down here...but I do not have my pictures from Guatemala (long story).  So I'm guessing that once I have ALL of the pictures from Guatemala, there might be a few random "Memory" posts about the time I spent with those wonderful kids.
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